Paradox is a brand new puzzlehunt, launching near the beginning of 2021.

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What is a Puzzlehunt?

A puzzlehunt is a collection of themed puzzles that give a specific answer when solved, traditionally a single word or phrase in English. Many puzzles involve existing puzzle formats such as crosswords, anagrams, sudoku, or cryptograms, but each one brings a unique and thematic twist to the table to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you've never attempted a puzzlehunt before, the best way to understand how they work is to try one yourself! These past hunts are great choices for getting started:

Hunt Details

Paradox Puzzlehunt will consist of around 10 puzzles and will include a metapuzzle that uses the answers to all of the previous puzzles. Points will be earned by finding the answer to each puzzle, and the first team to solve the metapuzzle will be our winner. The puzzles will range in style and difficulty, but we’re committed to making each fresh one, fun, and unique.

About the Creators

Our names are Ben Coukos-Wiley and Jonah Nan. We’re a couple of college students with a passion for solving and writing puzzles. We've previously written puzzles for a high school puzzlehunt and for Mission Street Puzzles' scholarship contest. This is our first time creating a full-scale hunt and we're super excited to be bringing it to all of you!

Special Thanks

Contact Us

Email us at paradoxpuzzlehunt@gmail.com