(Overhead shot of the wheel. The wheel rotates throughout the episode, but the camera’s perspective remains fixed.)

PAT: Hello everyone, and welcome to our show! Let’s go ahead and meet our three contestants: Alice, Bob, and Carol.


BOB: Hello.

CAROL: It’s nice to be here, Pat!

PAT: Glad to hear you’re all ready to begin. Alice, you spin first.

ALICE: All right! Here goes nothing…

(She spins the wheel. We see another overhead shot of the wheel from the same angle as before. It comes to rest with Alice’s arrow pointing to $800.)

ALICE: Yay! $800!

PAT: Nice job, Alice. Now you just need to give me a letter, and you’ll earn $800 for each occurrence of that letter in the answer!

ALICE: Let’s see… is there an I?

PAT: Yes, there is one I.

ALICE: I’d like to solve. Is it “HELIOS”?

PAT: Exactly! Nicely done. Next, it’s Bob’s turn. Bob, go ahead and spin that wheel!

(He spins the wheel. It comes to rest with the arrow on top pointing to $100.)

BOB: Dang, just $100?

PAT: Better luck next time, Bob. Still, you could multiply that amount by a lot if you give me a letter that appears several times.

BOB: How about R?

PAT: Great choice! There are three Rs.

BOB: Okay, I think I know this. “DIRECTOR KRENNIC”?

PAT: That’s it! On to Carol.

CAROL: Finally!

(Carol spins the wheel. Again, we see the wheel from above. It comes to a stop with Carol’s arrow in the center of the $700 wedge.)

CAROL: Nice, $700! I’ll guess A.

PAT: There is one A.

CAROL: Is the answer “ASU”?

PAT: That’s it! You three are great at this. Let’s go back to Alice.

ALICE: My lead is pretty slim… let’s widen that gap.

(Alice spins, landing on $1000.)

ALICE: Alright, $1000! Excellent.

PAT: All yours if you give me a letter.

ALICE: Okay, how about S?

PAT: Well done! There is a single S.

ALICE: Just one? Shoot. Well, I’ll solve it anyway. Is it “DUMB WAYS TO DIE”?

PAT: Correct! Bob plays next.

(Bob spins the wheel and lands on $500.)

PAT: That’s $500 for each occurrence of the letter you guess.

BOB: Great! Let’s see here… can I guess T?

PAT: You sure can! There is one T.

BOB: Okay. I’ll solve the puzzle: “THE ALOLA REGION”?

PAT: Another correct guess!

CAROL: My turn!

(Carol spins. She lands on $900.)

CAROL: Drat, I wanted some big money. I’ll need to guess a frequent letter. How about R?

PAT: Good news and bad news: There aren’t many Rs, but there is one.

CAROL: Fine, I guess. I’ll solve the puzzle. I think the answer is “CAESARS PALACE”.

PAT: That’s it! Well done.

ALICE: Things are looking up for me! I bet I’ll win a ton of money this round.

(Alice spins, landing on $100.)

ALICE: What? Just $100? Come on!

PAT: Oh, too bad. Still, I'm going to need a letter.

ALICE: Okay, I bet there are a lot of Ts.

PAT: I'm sorry to say there's only one.

ALICE: Carol is sure to overtake me at this rate! I’d better solve it. Is it “NECROMANTIC”?

PAT: That is correct!

BOB: You guys keep forgetting about me. I’m not out of this game yet! Time for a comeback…

(Bob spins $300.)

BOB: I can work with this. Hmmm… how about a P?

PAT: Well done! There are two Ps.

BOB: Oh, I know! The answer is “POPEMOBILE”.

PAT: Wow, you got it!

CAROL: Alice didn’t make too much this round, now’s my chance to take the lead.

(Carol spins, landing on $400.)

PAT: Good job! Now I need...

CAROL: Yeah, yeah, I know. My letter will be O.

PAT: Yes, there is one O.


PAT: You got it. Well, we’re almost out of time. Let’s go back to Alice for one final spin!

ALICE: Okay, gotta make this last one count!

(Alice spins and lands on $200.)

ALICE: I suppose that'll do. I guess A.

PAT: Well done! There is one A.

ALICE: My last guess of the show… is it “RESTRAINT”?

PAT: Exactly! Wow, that certainly was a fantastic winning streak. But that’s all the time we have for tonight. Be sure to join us next time for another exciting episode of WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!